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Testing Tools Updates from December 2017

Testing Tools Updates from December 2017

by adminDecember 9, 2017

Various testing tools providers are working in brittle cold weather to provide new or enhanced features to the customers. The better features they could provide, the more chances for them to shine out in best 10 testing tools providers. In the month of December, major updates are coming from different test tools vendors, namely BrowerStack, Ghost Inspector, Testuff and CloudApp. I want to list out some of the latest developments by them which could make the life of a tester easy:

* Automated Mobile App Testing by BrowserStack: Instant automated Mobile App testing on real mobile devices is the significant achievement by BrowserStack. With instant access to broad range of Real iOS and Android devices, you will have the most accurate testing results. The main advantage comes into picture when you get the provision to integrate your Appium supported favorite frameworks and languages with BrowserStack. As most of you know the crucial need of concurrent execution of test cases, along with access to various real-time devices, BrowserStack also provides facility for concurrent execution of test cases across thousands of devices. We have got instant App debugging feature with the use of text logs, video recordings and screenshots of the test run. Furthermore, if you’re already using BrowserStack for cross browser testing, you can easily extend it to mobile automation testing without make effort for new party integration.

* Recording New Steps and Github Integration by Ghost Inspector: Ghost Inspector is always ready to enhance and add new features. This month a couple of notable features were launched, viz. Recording new steps and Github integration. Let’s talk about recording new steps first. This feature enables the users to record new steps as and when necessary into the existing tests scripts. You just need to install a Chrome extension and proceed with update of your test cases. The major overhead of recording the whole test script again is eliminated. Other feature provided by Ghost Inspector is the Github Integration. With Github Integration, you can easily send test suits and status to your commits and PR. Hence, the maintenance of the test suites become uncomplicated.

* A creative notification center by Testuff: Now we have a well-grounded reason to celebrate with this notification center invented by Testuff, a modern test management unit. With this notification center, we get rid of the most time-consuming thing to check the changed in the test project. This notification center will help in keeping yourself updated about your testing projects by effortlessly tracking the changes. Simply, you will get email alerts whenever someone assigns any bug or task to you or mentions you in any thread, so that you can take action or provide instant resolutions. Thus, email reminders will help you in managing the threads which needs your eye. You can also customize the settings of the alerts.

* Record webcam & screen simultaneously, Sketch Plugin and Integration to Hip chat by CloudApp: CloudApp, the eccentric video and image tool, has added quite useful features to the list. Let’s go through them all one by one.

  1. Record your webcam and screen at same time: In this feature you can record the desktop screen and also video of front facing external/inbuilt camera along with sound through embedded/external microphone.
  2. Sketch plugin for CloudApp – For sharing your work now you don’t have to do it via complex process of downloading, exporting and uploading. You can share the work right away.
  3. Integration to Hipchat – CloudApp makes communicating with your team fast and easy. Record your screen, create a GIF or a screenshot, then share in HipChat.


So, these all are updates from Dec 2017, please stay tuned for upcoming updates.


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