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29Testing Tools Updates from December 2017
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December 10, 2017

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a type of software testing which is used to verify that any modification or additions to the codebase have not introduced any bugs in the previous working version of the software. One of the reasons to perform regression testing is to find out whether a change or addition in one part of the application affects the other parts of the application. Sanity and Smoke testing are commonly considered as subtypes of regression testing.


When to perform Regression Testing?


Regression Testing is an essential aspect in assuring the quality of the software application, when a critical bug or a bunch of comparatively small bugs have [...]

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December 10, 2017

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a quality assurance process that is used to verify that the components of software work correctly. It focuses on the application interface ensuring the software works according to the business requirements. It is a type of black box testing.

Types of functional testing includes:

Unit Testing Smoke Testing Sanity Testing Integration Testing System Testing Regression Testing User Acceptance Testing

When should you perform functional testing?

Functional testing should be included as essential element for each testing approach.

Ensuring the correct functioning of any component of the software is very crucial. Hence, functional testing [...]

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December 10, 2017

Bringing AI To Test Automation

Considering the increasing complexity of the software and contraction of a release cycle, the tester is much stressed to provide the quality feedback instantaneously. In the era of continuous testing, testing smarter, not harder mantra is being adopted by many organizations as no other choice is left for such a rapid software launches. Nowadays, not only releases are squeezed from monthly to weekly but also updates are done several times a day.

The only way to make software testing smarter and more efficient is by bringing Artificial Intelligence(AI) in this domain. The incorporation of machines that can emulate human behavior can not only enable us to move beyond the manual [...]

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December 9, 2017

Testing Tools Updates from December 2017

Various testing tools providers are working in brittle cold weather to provide new or enhanced features to the customers. The better features they could provide, the more chances for them to shine out in best 10 testing tools providers. In the month of December, major updates are coming from different test tools vendors, namely BrowerStack, Ghost Inspector, Testuff and CloudApp. I want to list out some of the latest developments by them which could make the life of a tester easy:

* Automated Mobile App Testing by BrowserStack: Instant automated Mobile App testing on real mobile devices is the significant achievement by BrowserStack. With instant access to broad range of Real [...]

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